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Scrap Car Removal Oshawa, ON
(example: 2004 Toyota Camry LE)

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If your old unwanted car has been sitting in your yard for months and you are unsure of what to do with it, then call us and we will be happy to offer cash for your car. We specialize in unwanted, old, junk, scrap cars for cash. We are the junk car removal experts and can have your unsightly vehicle removed from your yard, while providing you with a scrap removal payment for your car. We are in the scrap car removal business and there is nobody out there who does it better than us. So if your neighbors have been complaining about your scrap car on your yard, then give us a chance to take your vehicle to our auto wreckers in Oshawa. Old car removal has never been easier.


Oshawa Scrap Car Removal

Oshawa, ON Scrap Car Removal


You may find us online at our Cash for Cars website and give us a call at (289) 606-0990. We will offer you a quote based on the type of vehicle and condition and then send a tow truck who will give you the cash on the spot. The tow truck then carries your unwanted scrap car to an Oshawa Scrap Yard. Your car will be removed from your property and then the scrap metal is recycled. You will be paid for your scrap car removal, while helping the environment with recycling your old junker.

We offer Cash for Cars and we have been doing this for many years. Our experience with Scrap Car Removal in Oshawa, ON is second to none. Give us a call today and let us help you with your scrap car removal. As your vehicle is exposed to the elements outside it becomes corrosive on the inside. The more that your unwanted scrap car is exposed to the outside elements, the more dangerous it becomes to those that are breathing in the corrosiveness and rust within your vehicle. The rust that is now building inside of your car can become a danger to children who may be playing around the vehicle. Let us take the danger away from your home with our cash for cars program.

We offer our Scrap Auto recycling program for either cars or trucks. Just give us a call and let us see what we can do to take away your scrap car. We also offer used parts for autos and auto wrecker services as well in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Newcastle and region. We will be more than happy to assist you with your auto scrap. There is no limit to the number of cars that you can have removed. We will work with you to do everything that we can, in order to assist you with your much needed scrap car removal.

Cash For Cars Oshawa, ON

Fill out the Quote form to get Scrap Car Prices or give us a call to have your next Scrap Car Removal in Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby done today. We have well trained technicians who have been doing this for years and will happily explain the process to you. We answer any questions that you may have about your vehicle towing and how you will get paid through our Cash for Cars program. We offer you a quote before removal, so that you can make the informed choice if you want to go through with our Cash for Cars program. It is all in your hands at this point, to decide if this is what works best for you.

We value our reputation and want you, the consumer to feel the same way. Our reputation is built from word of mouth, so we want to make you, our customers happy. Our payments are the best around and won't it be great to look into your uncluttered yard and know that your vehicle is being recycled and used for the good of the environment.

Cash for Cars is the best way for you to start making money from your scrap car removal. Remember to tell others about the great experience you had here. We love having satisfied customers and great reviews that are passed on to others. So remember the Cash for Cars in the Oshawa, Canada area for used auto parts, wrecker services and cash for removal of scrap metal cars. We are the best at what we do. Now, let us prove it to you what an amazing experience this will be as we put money in your pocket for that old unwanted, junk car in your front yard.